New Girl

I have no reason to distrust you. I have reasons to distrust. Comments


I was falling. Falling through time and space and stars and sky and everything in between. I fell for days […]


November. It is nowhere near me now. November is circling back around though. It moves along confidently, in an evil […]

Not For A Reason

Things don’t happen for a reason. Things happen because people make choices. Lauren chose to lie and cheat on me. […]


There is no more need for you, now. Should I keep my killer? Murderer of the misled, your gentle prints […]

No Closure

The most painful question for this wounded lover is “Why?” The hard, most jagged, bitter answer I received was “It […]


“I hope one day, we find each other again and laugh over whatever pain we might have caused…” – R.M. […]


I forgive you for the lies you told me the entire year we were together. I forgive you for cheating […]

Being Single

Being single feels like failure. I’m still in pain from my breakup and every instinct in me tells me to […]